Every Genesis Weight and Age Management Program begins with a half hour consultation with our Medical Provider. During your private consultation, Our Medical Provider will recommend the appropriate program to help you achieve your goals. Lab fees are payable on the day lab work is ordered. Program Fees are payable on the day of your Genesis Program Appointment.

Initial Consultation

Men’s Hormone Replacement Program

The Men’s Hormone Therapy Initial Consultation includes a hormone lab panel and a 30 minute office visit for $150.00

Prescription Programs

Appropriate Dosages, Appropriate Routes of Administrations and the Appropriate Duration of individual treatment are all factors considered in hormone replacement programs at Genesis Weight and Age Management. Our Medical Provider prescribes individualized hormone therapy optimizing each hormone. Throughout every Genesis program we monitor your hormonal system through blood levels, symptoms and patient communication, ensuring optimal levels are maintained. Medications are prescribed based on individual lab results, delivery systems and specific dosages. Each Program includes a monthly fee for all office visits, Professional fees, Phone calls, emails, monitoring, ordering and managing each program. Patients on multiple programs at once will be charged an additional monthly fee if needed.

Follow Up Treatment

The first follow up appointment is approximately 6-7 weeks after the start of each program. Follow-up appointments are included in the professional fee. Follow-up lab work is an additional charge based on the actual test you have rechecked. As a patient, it takes compliance and commitment on your part to make this program a success.

Total Costs

So how much will Men’s hormone therapy cost monthly? This depends on many factors but its safe to say with our professional fees plus the cost of medications shipped to your door step this works out to be around $120 – $150 per month*.

* Our Professional Fees are charged on a quarterly basis




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    *Results for each program may vary