HCG Diet and Weight Loss Injections

HCG Diet and Weight Loss Injections Nashville TN


Whether the weight gain is due to any thyroid issue or from menopause, or due to over eating during a crisis or emotional problems, or even due to eating disorders in the past. If you want to lose weight and are really motivated but the amount of weight that you have put on seems impossible to lose then HCG diet is for you.

Definition: HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced during pregnancy. Fun fact; HCG is used mainly utilized to treat fertility issues. However the reason for its popularity is due to its weight loss properties

The HCG diet is actually an extremely low fat and a very low calorie diet. It is divided into three phases. The reason behind HCG diet success is that it reduces the calorie intake to 300 to 500 calories per day, which is an extreme and results in weight loss.
What HCG is?

HCG hormone is a hormone produced by the body during pregnancy which triggers the body to assemble fat storage to bring energy and nutrients to the growing baby inside.
Background of HCG diet:

The HCG diet plan was developed first in the 1950s in India. Dr. Simeons was working and trying hard to fight starvation and obesity in India. He was studying to find the connection and the relation between starvation and obesity. The interesting discovery was that HCG inhibited the growth of lipids in almost all his subjects under study. He even found out that this was responsible for the painless and easy expulsion of those lipid cells from the body.

This was a unique and very valuable discovery as before this discovery there was no such substance that had this unique quality. After this discovery many other scientists started to test this theory, as every scientist is a skeptic and can’t rest till they find the truth for themselves. After almost a decade of research it has been stated, by scientists, that the HCG diet was not only producing extreme results but also proved to be the fastest way to reduce weight.
How HCG works?


Explained scientifically:

Before we get to the part where I tell you how to carry out this diet process you must know what you are getting yourself into. So here goes, the scientific explanation;
CG diet comprises of caloric restrictions along with the consistent injections of the HCG hormone. According to supporters of HCG diet includes the hormone HCG which is occurs naturally in pregnant women. This hormone assists the body to drop weight rapidly and efficiently. When this HCG hormone enters the body it does the following;
➢ Suppresses hunger
➢ Decrease muscle loss
➢ Fixes any other hormonal imbalances


The fact that HCG is an extreme diet cannot be denied, because of this reason many people think that it is not safe. One main thing to keep in mind before starting and during this process is to understand how to correctly plan and then prepare the meal that fit into high protein diet.

Basic diet plan:

There are many different diet plans and diet management that are present. You can follow whichever you think suits you well. However, there is a basic diet plan and calorie management that needs to be followed for this diet to work efficiently.

Planning a Meal According to HCG Diet:

During the focal point of the HCG diet, you will have to follow the HCG 500 calorie intake per day diet meal plan. The theatrical loss in the calorie intake is what will certify that you will reduce the extra pounds. The father of this diet plan, Dr. Simeons, outlined a proper meal plan in his book, in which he states that this plan should include only two meals per day.

All the coffee / tea lover can breathe. Dr. Simeons has allowed the consumption of morning coffee (whew!). You can start your morning with as much coffee and tea as you want. However, there are a few conditions if you want caffeine. In your morning drink, you can only use saccharin or sweeteners and only a tablespoon of milk. That is all you can have for breakfast. What? You thought you will be having cheese omelet with French toast? Okay stop! Focus!

Lunch and Dinner:
One thing to remember for the lunch and dinner meal plan is that both these meals MUST be chosen from a list of very specific food. One more thing is that the list will not vary during the entire duration of the diet.

Since you will be following the 500 calorie HCG plan there are very few food choices left for you. Keep following the diet and you will notice how fast and effectively you lose the extra calories and pounds. For both, lunch and dinner you can choose from a list of food. However one majorly necessary point to keep in mind is that you must stick to one 100 grams of serving of meat from the following list;
➢ Chicken breast
➢ Veal
➢ Shrimp
➢ Lobster
➢ Beef
➢ Crab
➢ Fresh white fish

However before cooking the above mentioned food, make sure you have removed any fat that is visible on the meat. The 100 grams mentioned denotes the raw weight. So to make you dish look and taste better you can even add one vegetable. JUST ONE. Don’t make a salad of ‘just two or three’ vegetables. In addition to the meat and the vegetable, you have the permission to have one toast or breadstick. Choose one

vegetable from the following list;
o Cabbage
o Onions
o Fennel
o Tomatoes
o Cucumber
o Green salad
o Celery
o Spinach
o Asparagus
o Red radishes
o Beet-greens
o Chicory
o chard

The HCG meal options also allow you to eat half an apple, a handful of strawberries, half a grapefruit or an orange. The choice is yours, you can either take the fruit to close the meal or you can have it as a snack in between meals. The diet plan stays this way until you have completed the main phase of the HCG diet. This diet will only work if you stick to it. If you have enough motivation then go for it and you will see wonders happening.

HCG weight Loss Injections


Whoever has tried weight loss regime will agree that losing weight or trying to reach a goal weight is an extreme sport. Your body sometimes just won’t cooperate and becomes stubborn. Or maybe it just got used to the routine you have been following for about 9 months. Well fear not my friends, I have a secret to weight loss. That is *drum roll* HCG WEIGHT LOSS.
Losing weight is sometimes very important. Not only because it is not healthy to be obese but because to be physically fit you might need to lose those pesky extra pounds. Now I am guessing you have tried everything from yoga to sliming teas but those few pounds just won’t go down on the weighing machine. Weight loss is a great way to boost up your confidence level.

HCG; what is that?

HCG, the human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone which exists during early stages of pregnancy has been used in weight loss procedures. This hormone has been known to treat fertility issues in both, women and men. Elevated levels of HCG in blood might be signs of different types of cancer such as testicular cancer, ovarian cancer and placental cancer.

First discovered by a British doctor Albert Simeons, who was looking for a relation between starvation and obesity in India, HCG is known to inhibit the lipids or fat molecules. In pregnant women, however, this hormone directs the flow of energy towards the baby. Meaning the excess energy produced is transferred toward the baby, for proper nourishment of the fetus. HCG helps in the production of progesterone and estrogen, two extremely important hormones. These are crucial for the development of the embryo and fetus.
How it works?

The supporters of the HCG diet are of the view that it can boost metabolism and even helps in eliminating large amounts of fat. As it diminishes hunger. HCG diet helps in weight loss because it limits the calorie intake to around 500 calories per day for a particular amount of weeks at a time. This makes it an extreme weight loss diet program. Any diet that is that low in calorie and fat intake will automatically make you lose weight. By following the diet plan (already discussed) can you achieve you aim to lose weight.

The fact that you need to stick to the diet plan religiously is one major requirement of HCG weight loss program to work. However it is also necessary that you take one dose of HCG hormone daily, through either injections, pellets, oral drops pill or even sprays.
Foods to avoid during HCG weight loss program:

HCG diet provides a short list of foods than can be consumed during this weight loss schedule. However, there are certain kind of food that are absolutely off-limit. The HCG weight loss plan does not allow any of the following:

➢ Any fatty food:
Meaning fatty fish or anything made with oil and nuts.
➢ Starchy food:
Any food containing starch is banned. Example, potatoes.
➢ Artificial sugar:

Any added sugar is prohibited if you are following this diet. It is prohibited in every form.
I know what you must be thinking, the list of permitted food is so strict. Here is a small way to make food taste better. If you are a foodie like I am but need to work on losing weight, you should try a few HCG friendly sauces or marinades. You will have to make these yourself.

➢ HCG friendly sauce:
Mix fresh dill, lemon juice and vinegar, old bay seasoning and salt.
➢ Mustard sauce:

Do not purchase a mustard sauce from the market. Make it yourself, use mustard powder, garlic powder, ginger, onion powder, vinegar, water, lemon juice and stevia and mix it al together.

An Overview of HCG Meal Planning:

This is the part of the article that includes the phases that have been approved by none other than Dr. Simeons. Most people are of the view that there are three major phases to be followed. However, there are a few steps that should not be overlooked when doing HCG weight loss program is being followed.
Start-up Phase:

The start-up phase starts when you decide to start the HCG weight loss diet. It is also known as the pre-diet cleanse. Some supporters of HCG weight loss are of the opinion that this is an important phase while some think it is not necessary to start this with a cleanse or detoxification. This will help prepare your mind and body for the HCG dieting phases. You can choose the detoxification for yourself. An extreme one like, the colon cleanse or simple ones where you can eliminate the processed foods from your diet spending an entire week for the cleansing.
Phase One:

This is the first phase where the dieting actually commences. During this phase of the HCG diet, you will increase your calorie and fat intake. For two whole days you need to focus on eating foods with very high fat and very high calorie count. Simultaneously taking HCG injections.

The aim of this phase is to intervene with the way the body naturally stores fat. The HCG injection will prevent the body from hoarding fat in your body. This begins the weight loss procedure of organization of the fat/ lipid molecules.

Phase Two:

The second phase begins on the third day of the HCG diet. At this point, you are supposed to drop your calorie count to 500 calorie intake. This is harder than it sounds especially after the first two days.

Only sticking to the foods approved for the HCG diet while still taking the HCG hormone. The length of this phase depends on how much weight you want to lose. At the most minimum this stage requires about 23 doses of HCG hormone. After you are done with these doses of HCG, you must remain on the 500 calorie intake for about 2-3 days.
Phase Three:

This is the most favorite part of the HCG diet program. It comprises of rest from all the dieting and the HCG intake. Calorie intake is again returned to 1200-1500 per day. Just without the HCG hormone. During this phase the HCG hormone is stopped from being administered and a new diet plan termed as the stability phase is started. The only thing to remember is to avoid high dairy products and high fat foods.

Point to remember:

Some people think this is not a safe method. Truth be told there are some side effects. However, to get efficient results it is better to consult a dietician.