Ideal Protein Diet



Ideal Protein Diet

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method delivers a one-two punch to knock out fat forever. First, this system helps you shed unwanted pounds then it helps you understand how to keep that weight from coming back. Developed by a weight-loss specialist over two decades and tested in more than 3,000 professional weight loss clinics, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is now available in to help people in Nashville TN look good and feel great too.

Tennessee is famous for its irresistible food, laid-back atmosphere and southern hospitality. Some joke that macaroni and cheese is considered a vegetable in that state, but poor nutrition and obesity are no joke. Nearly a third of the people in Tennessee struggled with obesity in 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Tennessee usually ranks in the top five states with the highest obesity rates. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method can change all that because it gets at the root cause of weight gain – insulin dysfunction.

What causes weight gain?

Insulin is a hormone. Like the other 50 or so hormones in your body, insulin works as a chemical messenger that tells the other cells in your body what to do and when to do it.

Insulin’s primary job is to get energy to your cells. After you eat, your body converts the food into energy in the form of calories. Insulin courses through your bloodstream to deliver these freshly manufactured calories to various cells around your body, like muscle cells that help you rinse the dishes and brain cells that need energy to think about what to watch on television that night.

Before a meal, these cells would have used energy stored in fat cells as fuel. After you eat, these cells can “hear” insulin rushing towards them in the bloodstream, so the cells abandon their efforts at trying to get stored energy out of fat and turn their attention to the fresh calories coming their way. The presence of insulin actually prevents cells from unlocking the energy in fat cells.

In other words, too much insulin in your blood – not calories – causes you to gain weight.

Some foods, especially those loaded with sugar and starch, stimulate more insulin production than do other foods. Unfortunately, the foods people in Nashville TN love are among the worst culprits. Even a taste of spicy fried chicken, pancakes smothered in real butter and syrup, sweet tea, or other delicious starches and sugars prevent your body from burning fat because they cause overproduction of insulin.

All this insulin grabs hold of calories floating around in the bloodstream and delivers them to every available cell in the body. As a result, the level of sugar in your bloodstream, known as blood glucose, drops. When your blood glucose goes down, your body thinks it is out of fuel.

Normally, your body would respond to this need for fuel by unlocking energy stored in fat cells but excess insulin in your bloodstream prevents that. As the result, your body signals for more food through hunger pangs and sugar cravings instead of burning the fat around your midriff.

Your body gets energy from protein, carbohydrate and fat reserves. First, it depletes all the available carbohydrates, which include starch, sugar and fiber. Your body then draws from its reserves of protein – important for muscle mass – and fat simultaneously. This means once your body has burned off carbohydrate reserves, it starts burning equal amounts of muscle and fat for fuel. Loss of muscle mass leaves you weak, listless, and less healthy.

Ideal Protein is the Solution

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is the solution because it helps you conserve muscle mass while you peel off the pounds. Ideal Protein contains the highest quality protein available. Your digestive system absorbs high quality protein better than it does protein of poor quality. Ideal Protein helps you feel strong and energized as you lose weight.

Benefits of Ideal Protein include:

  • Sustainable and structured weight loss that maintains muscle mass
  • A deep understanding of metabolism and energy storage
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching, lifestyle education and guidance
  • Personalized help with setting weight loss goals based on your individual health profile
  • Healthier blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure


Ideal Protein’s wide variety of instant, easy-to-prepare and ready-to-serve products appeals to your taste buds. You will love the taste and texture of the food almost as much as you enjoy its affect on your waistline. You can create great tasting meals in 10 minutes or less. Serve Ideal Protein meals hot, cold, or even frozen. Pair with fresh garden vegetables and lean chicken or fish for a complete meal.

Ideal Protein products contain all the high quality proteins and essential amino acids to keep your body satisfied and feeling great. These individually packaged meals are also very low in carbohydrates to keep your metabolism focused on burning fat. Ideal Protein is appropriate for people with diabetes due to its low sugar and starch content.

There is a wide variety of Ideal Protein products, including drinks, breakfasts, entrees, desserts and snacks, meal replacements, ready-to-serve, and more. Nashville TN residents do not have to give up their beloved pancakes – Ideal Protein offers pancake mix in regular and chocolate flavors. Select from hearty soups, chili, potato puree, or Chicken à la King Flavored Pottage Mix that features chicken, peas, carrots, corn, mushrooms and onions. Mac and cheese lovers can even indulge in Ideal Protein’s rotini. Nobody has to give up sweets – treat yourself to creamy puddings, dessert bars, crispy squares and wafers. Choice of beverages includes chocolate, vanilla, and an extensive line of fruit drinks.

The Ideal Protein diet compliment the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method by keeping your body focused on burning fat instead of carbohydrates or muscle. Satisfy both your hunger and your desire to be thin and healthy with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.



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